Past Talks Organised by the Museum


2000 Autumn talk – 'Enigma Code' – Mrs MacFarlane


2001 Autumn talks – 'Old Tools' – Peter Thomson & 'Straw Work' – Elaine                  Lindsay


2004 Spring Talk -'Emigration from the N.E.' - Dr Marjorie Harper


2005 Spring Talk – 'The Labour Corps’ - Ivor Lee Church


2006 Spring Talk – Records held by Aberdeenshire Archives – Eleanor Rowe

         Autumn Talk – 'Drove Roads' by Fred Gordon


2007 Spring Talk – An Introduction to Family History Research – Mrs Betty                Taylor, ANESFHS

         Autumn Talk – Place Names of the N.E. - Prof Nicolaisen


2008 Spring Talk – 'Insch & Prehistory' – Neil Curtis

         Autumn Talk – ‘Stones can Talk' – Trustees taking about groups of   stones in the old kirkyard.


2009 Spring Talk – New places, Fresh Faces – Ann Dean, Pat Duncan. Insch

         Connections Abroad 'Alexander Collie' – Gwen Chessell

         Autumn Talk – “Fae ploo tae plate” – W. Johnston, Udny


2010 Spring talk – 'The restoration of Leslie Castle' – David Leslie

        Autumn Talk – Archaeology from the Air – Moira Greig


2011 Spring talk – Pictish Stones near Insch – Bill Rose

        Autumn Talk – A History of Dunnydeer and Wardhouse Castles – Colin                 Harris


2012 Spring Talk – Memories of Insch Mart by Jim Mair

        Autumn Talk – Romans in the North East by Colin Wallace


2013 Spring Talk - Mountain Rescue – Man & Dog by Roland Jones

         Autumn Talk - Behind the Scenes at Alford Transport Museum by Peter



2014 Spring Talk – Cruickshank Botanic Gardens – Mark Paterson, Curator

        Autumn Talk - Afghanistan – An Alternative View by Dale Youngs


2015 Spring Talk –St Kilda - An Adventure Under Sail, by Henrike Bird

        Autumn Talk - Farming In The Glen Of Noth – 1881 - by Colin Harris


2016 Spring Talk - A Summer Holiday in Antarctica, by Dr Christopher                      Edwards

         Autumn Talk - Glimpses of Grampian's Past Through Old Postcards by

         Moira Miller


2017 Spring Talk - The History of the North East Police. by Geoff Marston

         Autumn Talk - Leith Hall by Eileen Law



         Spring Talk - Wildlife of Bennachie. Dr. Pat Wrightman.

         Autumn Talk - Aberdeen Bodies. Dr. Dee Hoole.