In 2023 and 2024 we have a very special subject for our exhibition, the castle of Dunnydure!

Our iconic hill of Dunnideer with the ruined castle right at the top is the trademark of Insch. But what did the castle look like in its heyday?


Dr Colin Harris has researched the castle for many years and has provided us with his findings.


We have won Clive Metcalfe, one of the best model builders, artist and founding member of Pink Floyd to build us a model of Dunnideer Castle as it looked like in the year 1500. 


Peter Donaldson's research covering the early settlements on Dunnideer hill is rounding up the exhibition.




A talk by Dr Colin Harris, a Trustee of the Museum
To be held in the church hall at St Drostan’s Church,

Commerce Street, Insch, AB52 6JB
on Monday 29th April at 7pm.


Entrance £5 per person includes tea/coffee

Back in 2023, the Insch Connection Museum commissioned Kent-based model
maker Clive Metcalfe to build a 1:150 model of Dunnideer Castle as it might have
looked in the 1500s, based on the research of the castle by Dr Colin Harris.
This talk will describe:
the reasons leading to the design of the model
explore the development of the castle
its function in the 1500s
the subsequent destruction and decline, to the castle ruin which we see today.


Admission free but donations appreciated


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Every year since the Museum opened in 1998 we have put on a special exhibition featuring aspects of the village life of Insch and the North East of Scotland.


Each year's exhibition is compiled into an album and the albums can be viewed in the museum. 


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2003  ‘In Sickness and Health’

2004  ‘Railway 150’  & ‘The Post before 1854’

2005  ‘Sport in Insch’

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2022  'Made in Insch'