Albums in our collection

(not based on the annual exhibitions)


Other material on Insch and District

(These can be viewed in the museum)



Helen Boyd Album: Collection of old photographs belonging                      to Helen Boyd (nee Milne), 1906 – 1911



The history of the Milne Family 1722-1992



Recollections of life in Insch in my childhood & later                                        years, By Helen S M Day




Album : Newspaper Cuttings 1960-2000 (Mrs Butchart)




Album : The story of the Insch Connection Museum




Album : Leopard Magazine articles about Insch




Album : Photographic Collection, Museum




Album : Photographic Collection, Insch Village & District




Album : Photographic Collection of School Centenary





Album : Detailed information about the men named on                        Insch School War Memorial Board, 1914-1918




Album : Detailed information about the men named on the                  Insch & District War Memorial Board, 1914-1918,                in Insch  & District War Memorial Hospital.




Photocopied two volumes of Dr Currie’s ‘Annals of Insch’




Complete set of Insch Parish Newsletters from 1946 to                                       present day




Reference books on Insch & District




Scrap book collection of newspaper cuttings from the                                                   1960s




Local books and postcards for sale