Albums based on the annual exhibitions

(These can be viewed in the museum)




1998 ‘Insch Shops & Businesses’

 Merchants, tradesmen & shops of Insch



1999 ‘Insch at War’ & ‘Insch Firefighters’

William Bennett, South African War, 1900: World War I,

World War II, German Prisoners of War.


2000 ‘Insch Celebrates’



2001 ‘Agriculture, Milling & the Mart’

Extracts from Exhibition: the Story of Milling:

The Mart, its heyday & its demise


2002 ‘Living in the Kitchen before 1952’ and ‘Queen

Elizabeth II's Golden Jubilee’

Extracts from the exhibition: the Jubilee: Living in the Kitchen



2003 ‘In Sickness and Health’

Celebration of people who have been involved with the care

 of the residents of Insch & the local community & hospital



2004 ‘Railway’

 The postal services before the railway: The 150th Anniversary Celebrations of arrival of train services to Insch



2005 ‘Sport in Insch’

Bowling, cricket, curling, tennis, badminton, football, netball,

athletics, gymnastics, golf, boxing



2006 ‘The Changing Face of Insch’

Growth of Rothney and Insch and merging of them.



2007 ‘Trades and Crafts of Insch and Maintaining the


Featuring tailors, saddlers, shoemakers,

stonemasons and blacksmiths.


2008 ‘The Street Names of Insch’

Why and when Insch streets were named.



2009 ‘Insch Connections abroad’

Biographical details of a few who emigrated and left their

marks abroad for the benefit of future generations.



2010 ‘Stone to Steam’

A view of the past from stone circles to steam trains.



2011 ‘Williamston - an Insch Connection’ 

  Exhibition highlighting Williamston House and Estate

and its close connection to Insch.


2012 'Kirks and Manses'

  Features the kirks and manses of Insch, Premnay, Leslie,

Oyne, Chapel of Garioch and Culsalmond



Open Day


An open day was held on 2nd July 2006 to coincide with the following local Anniversaries :



Cooper & Harper's 100th,


Church organ 100th,


Church bell 300th.



All of these have been documented.