Presentation to Museum


        On October 2nd this year, the museum had a visit from 

Mr Jack Thompson (from Portland Oregon USA) who presented

the museum with a silver medal (pictured below) awarded to his

great-grandfather,William Thomson,

by the Insch Horticultural Society in 1872.

 Front face of silver medalReverse side of silver medal



               His great-grandfather originally lived at Mill Of Dunnydeer

          and Jack is hoping to get more information about his family

roots from anyone whose ancestors may have had any

association with the

Thomson family and the Mill of Dunnydeer.

(The Thomsons changed their name to Thompson in USA).




      There was very good press coverage of the event and cuttings

from the Press and Journal and the Inverurie Advertiser

are reproduced below.









         Mr Thompson also presented the museum with a copy of a booklet

about the Thompson family which he produced last year.

Some of the pictures in the booklet relating to his

great-grandfather's prizes from

the Insch Horticultural Society are shown below.


   Any information about "Mill of Dunnydeer" and the Thompson family

would be greatly appreciated by Mr Thompson and can be

communicated via our contact page.






More local information about Insch Horticultural Society



An album containing a number of newspaper cuttings and leaflets

dating from 1920 to 2000 collected by Mrs Butchart was

donated to the museum in 2004. 



It contains some details about two Insch Horticultural Shows

held in September 1928 and one in  1939. 

We also have in our archives,details about the Society

being reformed in 1978 after about a 20 years gap.



Can anyone give us some more info please?

(Again via contact page)